Advance-Rumely Farm Tractors

Advance-Rumely was founded in 1915 in Indiana, but it has origins back to 1836. The company was known for its steam engines and tractors. The company did not survive the great depression, and was sold to Allis-Chalmers.

Advance-Rumely Farm Tractors
6A OilPull E 30/60 OilPull H 16/30 OilPull M 20/35 OilPull W 20/30 OilPull Y 30/50
DoAll OilPull F 15/30 OilPull K 12/20 OilPull R 25/45 OilPull X 25/40 OilPull Z 40/60
OilPull B 25/45 OilPull G 20/40 OilPull L 15/25 OilPull S 30/60